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Waste Minimisation


Why should we think about our waste?


Much of what we consider ‘waste’ can be avoided, reused or recycled. Consider the waste hierarchy diagram before you dispose of your waste. Landfill capacity within Sydney is rapidly running out and waste sent to landfill represents resources lost forever. With an increasing population and an increase in consumerism, it is important to conserve resources whenever possible.


Reusable BagsRegrettably, Australia is one of the highest per capita generators of waste in the world. To address this situation, think first about avoiding waste in your daily life. For example, take your own reusable bags and refuse plastic bags when you go shopping. Avoid over-packaged items and check if the packaging can be recycled.

To further reduce waste, think creatively about how you can reuse items or packaging before throwing them out. For example, use milk bottles as seedling guards, cardboard boxes as cubby houses for kids, or sell your preloved stuff at a garage sale or donate it to charity.



Almost half of our garbage is made up of food and garden waste. Consider using a compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi Bucket and create a rich organic fertiliser for your gardens. 

By recycling more we reduce the need for landfill which is better for the environment. Recycling also reduces water and energy use. For example, producing a can from recycled aluminum requires 95 percent less energy than it would to produce a can from new materials. Council sends approximately half of all house hold waste from the Willoughby local government area to the UR-3R (Urban Resource – Reduction, Recovery and Recycling) Alternative Waste Technology Facility at Eastern Creek in an effort to curb the amount of waste we send to landfill. Carbage is sorted at the facility to recover recyclable materials and compost is made from organic waste.


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