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Recycling Collection


It is estimated that up to 90% of business waste is recyclable. By sorting your recycling from your general waste and having them collected separately you can help our environment and achieve significant savings for your business. SMS offer a mixed recycling collection service to collect your plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, aluminium and steel cans, and paper and cardboard. This mixed recycling system is easy for employees to use as all the recycling goes into a 240Litre wheelie bin which is similar to the one they would use at home. 


For businesses that want to achieve even greater savings on their waste management costs, there is also the option of collecting your paper and cardboard separately.


SMS offers a Free Waste Assessment to assist businesses in determining the best combination of bins and waste collection services to maximise cost effectiveness and meet their environmental objectives.


Co-mingled Recycling Collection Service


  • 240 litre wheelie bins


Paper and Cardboard Collection Service


Take advantage of SMS’s paper and cardboard collection and recycling service to save you money. Depending on your requirements we are able to offer paper and cardboard bins in a variety of sizes including:


  • 240 litre wheelie bins
  • 360 litre wheelie bins
  • 660 litre or 1100 litre 4 wheel bulk plastic bins
  • 1.5 m³ and 3m³ 4 wheel bulk metal bins


The collection of paper and cardboard separately to your mixed recycling and garbage services can greatly reduce your waste costs, and offers significant environmental benefits as these materials can be recycled.


Recycling Bulk Bins


Plastic Bulk Bins: Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, suitable for difficult access areas.


Size       660L660L Plastic Bulk Bin

Height  1235mm

Width    1360mm

Depth    765mm (front to back)




Size       1100L1100L Plastic Bulk Bin

Height   1465mm

Width     1360mm

Depth    1070mm (front to back)






360 Litre Wheelie Bins


Bin size    360L360L Wheelie Bin

Height      1100mm

Width        650mm

Depth       848mm (front to back)






Steel Bins: Features: Heavy duty and lockable.


Steal Bin

Bin sizes  1.5m³ or 3m³

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